Optimal Health is Key!

Helping clients achieve optimal health and fitness is a passion of Jessica’s.  She is a nutrition, exercise, and holistic lifestyle expert, and provides the tools required in helping people help themselves live abundantly energetic and zestful lives.  Jessica provides a clear cut plan for balancing key systems in the body that are necessary for living a vibrant life with personalized nutrition programs and natural pharmaceutical grade bioidentical hormones and short term supplement use when necessary.  Jessica creates these individual protocols based on lab assessments and the unique physiology and health of every client.

Jessica began her journey on the natural health care path with a consistent observation of the results of positive health associated with choosing appropriate nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, and mental/emotional peace.  In 1994, her first experience in health care was working as a medical assistant for a vascular surgeon.  That experience allowed Jessica to see the physical manifestations of disease that a lifetime of poor health choices people had made for themselves.  She decided then and there that preventing ill health or correcting poor health before disease happened was an absolute priority.  Without exuberant health, what kind of life does one have?

In 2010, Jessica was introduced to and studied under one of the world’s leading experts in Functional Medicine, Dr. Dan Kalish,  and now incorporates her experience and knowledge as a Functional Medicine Practitioner into helping people help themselves build healthy digestive, immune, and hormonal systems.
In addition to her work with clients, Jessica loves to host seminars and recently concluded a series of three, addressing the importance of maintaining stable blood sugar, adrenal fatigue, circadian rhythm, and how our perception of life events can impact our health.   She is currently studying the scientific nutritional principles with an emphasis on pro-thyroid, metabolic stimulating food through under the philosophy of Ray Peat, PhD.

She enjoys traveling, weight training, trail running, warm tropical beaches, reading, laughing, spending time with people she loves, and cooking and preparing fresh organic food.  She is a native of beautiful Northern California and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • CHEK Exercise Coach, 2010, CHEK Institute Advanced Training Certification
  • Prerequisites Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Training, and Program Design,CHEK Institute, February 2010
  • Kalish Method Certification (Functional Medicine Certification Program), completed October 2010 
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, CHEK Institute, April 2010
  • Guest Quest 2 week intensive sales training certification, New Wings LP, Arizona, 2007
  • Real Estate License, California, 2007 (#01794876)​