All I can say is AMAZING!  If you haven’t had results from other trainers you need to give her a call.  Jessica creates a program that truly meets YOUR individual needs and goals.  She evaluates, listens and holds you accountable to achieve the results in the time frame you want. Jessica has not only changed my life with training programs… she has created a nutrition plan that has accelerated my progress, (not dieting but eating clean)!

I had a baby a little over a year ago and I am back into my athletic shape from my 20′s!
Jessica knows how to nurture every body type, whether you want a dramatic life change or are looking to take baby steps.  Jessica is the only person I will ever train with!” ~ Michelle H.

“Jessica has transformed my life.  How can a personal trainer transform someone’s life you may ask?
Well, she started by learning about me and did some endurance tests, blood pressure etc.  But the transformation took place after about a month or so of seeing her on a weekly basis.  Each week she was customizing my trainings to my body, my energy level, and my goals.

She also developed a meal plan that assisted in muscle recovery that improved the way I feel everyday now.  She takes a holistic approach to fitness where she recognized that my nutrition and physical training strategies were not working for my body type.  I have noticed significant changes in my body and energy level.  I have also utilized her for sports massage and stretching where she was able to eliminate knots in my neck and relieved stress that had built up over time. She is the best.” ~ Greg W.

“Jessica is a very committed, knowledgable, and empathetic trainer.  She adjusts the intensity of the workout to accommodate my abilities (which are quite limited as the result of aging and years of neglect).  Moreover, she does not make me feel diminished, but reasonably accomplished when I reach some pretty basic milestones.” ~ Lew D.

“I’ve never had success with “trainers” before – they mostly just gave me the same workout I was already doing but they talked to me while I was doing it. Boring and unproductive. So I was skeptical, but needed help – neck, back, joint issues – and Jessica came highly recommended. I gave her a two-visit try. She had me doing exercises I had never done before – working on my posture and balance while sweating and working hard. This got my attention.

I didn’t expect anything but help getting more fit – what I got was an understanding of my body and why I need to do these types of excercises, and I got results. My neck-tighness, which I’d previously needed chiropractic help for, improved. So did my back issues. I’m 67 years old and physically active, so pain is a way of life for me, but working with her has helped me greatly. She’s also fun to work with and patient when I whine or don’t get the form right at first. I didn’t plan to stay long but the training is so helpful I don’t want to quit.” ~ Sam V.

“Working out with Jessica has been great for me.  Our workouts are different every time – which I really appreciate.  She is very patient and fun to work with and I have built strength and flexibility very quickly.  Her knowledge about the body and the care of it are amazing.  I have learned so much in terms of nutrition and food and have received a ton of good ideas from her.  Jessica’s blog on FB is amazing also – even more great information there – I recommend it!” ~ Lisa S.

“I found Jessica to be very informative and a great teacher. I have worked out for 10 years now and thought I knew everything. After working with Jessica though I realize I have just scratched the surface.

One thing I loved about Jessica was that she was able to pinpoint my weaknesses. She immediately identified my problem areas and designed a solution tailored to my needs. Through training with Jessica, I have experienced improvement in form, increased lower back flexibility, higher energy.

Jessica lives and breathes fitness. She is both credible and passionate which motivates you to go above and beyond.  I now feel like I am on the right path to training both hard and smart, rather than just hard.  Thank you for everything Jessica!”    ~ Colby D.

“I had the privilege of working with Jessica for 3 years. She was incredible!  I went from feeling tired, bloated, and moody, to energetic, happy, and dropped body fat in the process.  I actually had a 6-pack at 40 years old!  Today my diet continues to be different than before working with Jessica. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life and lifestyle!” ~ Dave B.

“Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!” ~ Yolanda P.